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Five Reasons why you should study in China

Get inside why people are interested in studying in China
Jan 22,2018 | Archer  from ONPS|Summer in China

1.Learn Chinese: 

This is definitely the number one reason why you should come study in China for some time. Learning mandarin is an exciting endeavor, but a very challenging one also. As the first months aren’t as rewarding as one might think, many foreigners quickly give up on learning. For someone who has been using a 26-letter alphabet since birth, it is quite overwhelming to realize that in order to read a newspaper, one has to learn more or less 3000 characters, but if you have the patience to learn them, a new world will open up for you. Learning Mandarin will boost your memory, and enable you to speak to one fifth of the world’s population. 

2.Immerse yourself in a millennia-old Chinese culture

Chinese culture has a 5000-year history and is one of the oldest in the world. Although the country is modernizing at a very fast pace, many traditional aspects still remain very visible in the everyday life. For example: if you go for a walk in the park during weekend, many people regroup there, starting in the early morning, to practice a wide array of activities. Two of the most popular and highly representative of China are Taichi and Calligraphy. Taichi is one of the most well-known martial arts around the world. It is often practice early in the morning in the parks and is believed to have many health benefits, such as improving balance and general psychological health. Calligraphy is a very important and appreciated art in China. It is basically the design and execution of Chinese characters, usually with a brush on some paper. 

3.Discover Chinese cuisine 

Chinese cuisine is one of the most varied in the world. Each region has its own principal taste and specialties. In China, each restaurant proposes the food from one province. And the differences between all of them are huge. One of the most easily recognizable is the spicy food from Sichuan province, but it’s just one of many. So if you are a foodie, China definitely is the place for you! 

4.Endless travel sites in China 

If you enjoy travelling, then living in China is great idea. First of all, it is close to many other countries in Asia. But most importantly, the travel possibilities in China are infinite. From the Ice Sculpture Festival in the northern province of Heilongjiang to the sunny beaches of Hainan Island, China has something for every taste. 

5.Enrich your professional marketability through international experience 

An experience abroad is one of the most important assets a fresh graduate can have. Most companies will favor applicants who have had an international exposure during their studies. In our increasingly globalized world, it is essential to think about the world as a whole, and to confront ourselves against its different cultures. Moreover, learning Mandarin also proves to be a rather interesting skill on a resume. As China keeps developing, Mandarin will become a very important language. No matter how much you will be able to use it in your professional life, learning Mandarin shows dedication and perseverance toward an objective. It also shows your ability to confront yourself with the unknown, and to learn from it.