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03. Insurance

We provides health insurance as part of the program fee. We will enroll students in advance of their departure so that they have health coverage before they leave their home town.This chart provides a detailed summary of coverage.

Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Company, Ltd.

Coverage Insured amount Scope of insurance coverage
Inpatient medical insurance liability RMB100,000 In case of death/accidental disability due to accidental injury or disease, we will provide accumulative insurance benefit for death/accidental disability
Medical treatment for accidental injury RMB20,000 If outpatient treatment is required due to accidental injury and medical expenses are incurred, we will povide medical insureance benefit for the actual medical expenses considered as reimbursable, necessary and reasonable by the local social medical insurance department within 180 days after the accident.
Outpatient medical insurance liability RMB20,000( With the daily limit of RMB600, beyond the start to pay limit of RMB2000, the insured can enjoy 85% of reimbursement ) If the insured receive outpatient or emergency medical treatment. Within the insurance time, the daily limit for outpatients is RMB600, the actual cost shall be used for calculation. If the daily medical expenses and cost is more than RMB600, the insurance only cover RMB600 per day. For medical expenses exceeding the starting line of RMB2000, their remaining amount after deducting RMB2000 will be reimbursed at a percentage of 85%, and the accumulative payment shall not exce3ed the limit of RMB20000. The insurance liability shall be terminated once the accumulative amount of payment reaches the sum insured.

Kindly reminder:

If the insured suffered from critical disease or chronic disease before buying this insurance, the insurer shall be released from its liability to make payments.
Inpatient medical insurance liability RMB400,000 If the insured must be hospitalized after dagnosis of hospital due to accidental injury or disease, we will provide inpatient medical insurnace benefit, qual to 100% of the actal and reasonable medical expenses.

Kindly reminder:

If the insured suffered form critical disease or chronic disease bofore buying this insurance ,the insurer shall be released from its liability to make payments.
Whole-process medical management Emergency medical rescue -- 1. If he/she needs to see a doctor due to disease or accident, the insured has to directly call 4008105119 EXT 1 for consulting, diagnosis, medical guidance and precautions for claim. If it is confirmed that hospitalization is required, the insured can apply for advanced payment of medical expense for hospitalization to the rescue company. If the insured is directly hospitalized without recording of rescue company and outpatient treatment (including those whose conditions do not meet the requirement of hospitalization but hospitalized), the rescue company will not be responsible for advanced payment of medical expense for hospitalization. If advance payment for medical expenses is made without the above procedures, the insured will not able to get compensation.
2. Telephone number for claim consultation and reporting of major accident: 4008105119 EXT 1.