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International Summer School PlatformFounded in 2010

Our Mission

ONPS helps students be successful in a continually developing, globalized world through its study and work platform which integrates education resources for credit transferability.

By adhering to a RESPECT-based value system, ONPS supports its mission and promotes understanding of our goals through all aspects of our programs and operations:

ONPS maintains:



Student-Centered Mindset



Cultural Awareness


Our Story

As a pioneering international education company in China, the Beijing Simpway Education Technology Co. Ltd.'s subsidiary, ONPS, aspires to be an education leader improving exchange and communication among higher-learning institutions through its education platform.

ONPS was first built to satisfy the needs of Chinese students studying abroad to continue study on vacations when they go back to China to spend time with families. The uniqueness of the program setting and various selection of courses soon attract foreign students’ interests.

ONPS ABROAD was therefore launched in 2017 as a tailored program for foreign students to gain knowledge of China and the ever-growing business industry in China. The project is aided by the extensive ONPS network and database which in result gains access to the top professors within various expert fields. The hope for this program is to open the students mind and create a broader way of thinking about culture and business in general. This program will inspire the student to understand the true spirit of China.


Archer Yan
Project Manager

Hey what’s up? My name is Archer. I graduated from Michigan State University and since then I have fell in love with multi-culture experiences. I was a student of ONPS in the year of 2012. I met many people who shared the same ideas at ONPS and I discovered the necessity of programs like this. Then I decided to join the team to do the promotion activities on campus even before my graduation.

After graduating from university, my partner and I started this program to help you guys get to know a different culture, meet people with different but beautiful ideas, discover job opportunities and build up your own career network in China. It is not just studying in a different classroom but a memory that shapes your outlook.

DQ Dong

Hey, what’s up! I am very glad to be here. You guys can just call me DQ. I’ve graduated from INTI international university Malaysia. I’ve studied and lived in Malaysia for a long time and that makes me already half a Malaysian. My experience makes me very interested in all different cultures, and I hope to discover some more amazing things around us together with you. I am a buoyant, hard-working, persistent and smart person. I enjoy meeting new people and making friends, therefore, I believe I will be the best partner for you during this trip!

Moss Kim

Ladies and gentlemen ! my name is MOSS KIM. Nice to meet U. I am an international student from Korea! I studied in China for 9 years and graduated from Tsinghua University. Although I am Korean, I know a lot about Chinese culture, art, and history. I have a lot of data because I am interested in many art-related and local history. I would like to share many interesting historical stories and art stories during our ONPS ABROAD program. I hope we can meet in this activity and discuss interesting topics together.

Michelle Ma
Partnership Manager

Hey there! Nice to meet you. I’ve studied and worked in England for about 2 years. This experience allows me to understand different cultures and mindsets more. I love meeting new people and exchanging ideas and experiences with people from different cultural backgrounds. Before ONPS, I worked in a start-up company providing homestay program to foreigners who wish to stay with an authentic Chinese family. Many people I met through this program later became my best friends. I hope ONPS can be the place where we meet and become good friends. Any help you need here, I’ll be the one to talk to.

Echo Liu
Honorable Partner

For the past 5 years I have travelled to 20+ countries in hope to get an insight to their cultures and I have been given the wonderful opportunity to live in Canada, France and Singapore. During my travels many people had asked me about China. What is it like? What do they eat over there? Is it really that different?These questions inspired me to show the world what China is truly like and how we act on a day to day basis. I want to give people the real China. From intricately tailored courses to true local experiences you will not only become to understand the business culture of China but you will also begin to understand the mindset of the people that make up the country. Oh and you even get to the chance to get trained from a Kung Fu master. Not many people can say they have been trained Kung Fu by an original master!