International Summer School PlatformFounded in 2010

ONPS ( International Summer School ) Platform was founded in 2010 and it is affiliated to Beijing Simpway Education Consultation Co., Ltd.

It acts as a pioneer program for the international education in Asia and it has become the leading summer-school program among China and all over Asia. We have built an exchange platform for renowned professors, scholars, top universities, elite students and Fortune 500 companies by integrating North America and Chinese educational resources. With a hefty seven years of practice and exploration, ONPS has built up a unique and global high-end faculty database and a wide recruiting net covering many North American universities.

Since founded, credits earned at ONPS (partner universities) have been noted by over 350 North American universities. Since the beginning of ONPS, we have received more than 10,000 applications from all over the world. Such as countries from China, America, Canada, Germany, Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong and many more.

ONPS|Summer In China

Insights into Chinese business and culture

ONPS|Summer In China was launched in 2017 as a tailored program for foreign students to gain knowledge of China and the ever growing business industry. The project is aided by the extensive ONPS network and database which in result gains access to the top professors within various expert fields. The program was originally designed to allow foreign students to gain access to the local market of China and to give an insight to how the Chinese population think. The hope for this program is to open the students mind and create a more broad way of thinking about business and life in general. This program will inspire the student to understand the true culture of China.


Echo Liu
Project Manager

For the past 5 years I have travelled to 20+ countries in hope to get an insight to their cultures and I have been given the wonderful opportunity to live in Canada, France and Singapore. During my travels many people had asked me about China. What is it like? What do they eat over there? Is it really that different?These questions inspired me to show the world what China is truly like and how we act on a day to day basis. I want to give people the real China. From intricately tailored courses to true local experiences you will not only become to understand the business culture of China but you will also begin to understand the mindset of the people that make up the country. Oh and you even get to the chance to get trained from a Kung Fu master. Not many people can say they have been trained Kung Fu by an original master!

Archer Yan
Project Manager

Hey, how's it going? I'm Archer, your go to guy for pretty much everything during your stay here in China! I graduated from Michigan State University and since then I have racked up multiple years experience in tutoring and consulting. If you need tips on how to buy those famous dumplings from down the street or maybe you just need a shoulder to cry on because you feel a little homesick, (it happens to everyone so don't feel embarrassed) I'm here for you. Let my team take good care of you, all your worries and concerns will be our main priorities.

Also, since I came from MSU (Top 10 party school) I'm pretty sure you know you are in good hands if you need a quality party.

Get ready, let's show China how to have a good time!