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Program Overview

Introduction to SUMMER IN BEIJING

Have you ever been interested in learning about why the Chinese economy is growing in such a rapid state? Or do you feel the need to meet the people behind the epic economic rise? Maybe you are just interested in getting ahead of the crowd within the West? Well if any of these questions interest or inspire you, then we are pretty sure this program is for you.

Date: July 13th - August 14th (5 weeks), 2020
Campus:Minzu University of China

1. GPA 2.5and above.

2. Open to 2nd semester freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors
(Students with lower GPA and other requests can talk to our coordinator for further information)

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The Training Ground

Minzu University of China (MUC) is currently known as the top (#1) multicultural university in China. It proudly houses all 56 of China’s ethnic groups which are presented throughout the prestigious faculty and student body. MUC is an excellent setup to learn the various cultures throughout China. Also MUC holds high ranking for “teaching Chinese as a foreign language” to the many international students that enroll there today.

Why should I attend this program?

Program is designed to not only make you an elite thinker in the business market today, but it is also designed to show you the cultural aspects that make up the country of China. Our program is tailored to follow the local market of Beijing; doing so will give you a solid understanding towards the “real” China. You will also get the rare opportunity to gain access to the successful business minds that make up the market. It is important to not only understand the procedures in which these minds undergo but it is just as important to understand the culture behind business itself in China.

So there we have it, the ins and outs of “Summer in Beijing”. Now it’s up to you to decide to apply. Hope to see you in China.

Program Detail


  • Chinese Cultural Activities/Events
  • Chinese Business Activities/Events
  • What’s More
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Room Size:


Bed Size:

Twin extra long  99cmx203cm (39" wide x 80" long)


Washing Machine, Refrigerator, TV, Cooker, Internet, Private Bathroom

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3500 USD    (with scholarship up to 2400 USD)

Lowest Rate: 1100 USD

  • 01Full tuition for 1-3 courses & course packs

    02Cultural and Business Activities

  • 03Accommodation

    04Visa consulting service

  • 05Credit transfer guide

    06Orientation & Super Welcome Package

  • 07Airport pickup and reception

    0824/7 assistance during your stay in China