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Program Overview

Introduction to WINTER IN TAIPEI

Would you like to visit Taiwan, and learn about the history of the beautiful island commonly known as the "heart of Asia"? Have you heard about Taiwan's world-famous night markets and always wanted to visit them to have a taste of some of the best local Taiwanese dishes? Maybe you're simply interested in immersing yourself deep in the heart of Taiwan's natural beauty? If any of these speaks to you, we're pretty sure that this is the program made just for you.

Date: DEC 30st - JAN 19TH (3 weeks), 2020
Campus:Soochow University

1.Students must be proficient in English. Non-native English speakers are required to submit proof of English proficiency (IELTS: 6 or equivalent).

2.The Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) should be above 2.5.

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Where will the program take place?

Soochow University is on the cultural axis of Taipei City. After 60 years of hard work in Taiwan , the university has grown and become fully accredited turning into one of the most prestigious private universities on the island, As a result of unbending board principles, efficient school operations, and comprehensive foundation programs, the school has received the Ministry of Education's "Teaching Excellence Program" award for eleven consecutive years since 2005. Due to the convenience of transportation, professionals are easily accessible there, and the faculty and students can utilize in their academic work the rich resources offered by adjacent administrative and commercial institutions and libraries.

Why should you attend this program?

The program is designed to immerse students in Taiwanese culture, with a fully involved and hands-on experience. At the end of the program, students will gain better understanding and appreciation of the said culture and its people, which is a blend of traditional Chinese and Taiwanese aborigine cultures. Why sit idly by and read about other cultures when you can live in the place for some time and experience it yourselves? Embark on this eye-opening journey with like-minded people and explore the city together!

So there we have it, the ins and outs of “Winter in Taipei”. Now it’s up to you to decide to apply. Hope to see you in Taipei.

Program Detail


  • Chinese Cultural Activities/Events
  • Chinese Business Activities/Events
  • What’s More
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Room Size:


Bed Size:

Twin extra long 99cmx203cm (39" wide x 80" long)


Washing Machine, TV, Internet, Private Bathroom, Air conditioning, Refrigerator, Closet

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2500 USD    (with scholarship up to 1700 USD)

Lowest Rate: 800 USD

  • 01Full tuition for 1-2 courses & course packs

    02Cultural and Business Activities

  • 03Accommodation

    04Visa consulting service

  • 05Credit transfer guide

    06Orientation & Super Welcome Package

  • 07Airport pickup and reception

    0824/7 assistance during your stay in China